Fever Medication Dosing Guide

(ACETAMINOPHEN (Tylenol) can be every 4-6 hours; under 2 months of age call physician

Weight 160 mg/5 mL (there are no true "infant acetaminophen drops". infant and children's bottles are same concentration

10-12 lbs2 mL
13-16 lbs2.5 mL
17-23 lbs3.75 mL
24-35 lbs5 mL
36-47 lbs7.5 mL
47-59 lbs10 mL
60-71 lbs12.5 mL
> 72 lbs15 mL

IBUPROFEN (Motrin) can be every 6-8 hours; do not give motrin under age 6 months

Weight50 mg/ 1.25 mL infant drops100 mg/5 mL children's
10-12 lbs1 mL2 mL
13-16 lbs 1.25 mL2.5 mL
17-23 lbs1.8 mL3.75 mL
24-35 lbs2.5 mL5 mL
36-47 lbs3.75 mL7.5 mL
47-59 lbs5 mL10 mL
60-71 lbs6.25 mL12.5 mL
>72 lbs7.5 mL15 mL
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